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What is Euraqua?

Participants to the Management Board Meeting in Dublin, October 2017

EurAqua is the European Network of Freshwater Research Organisations.

The aim of EurAqua is to contribute substantially to the development of European freshwater science and technology and its dissemination on a European scale.  
EurAqua Partner institutions are leading, generally public, freshwater research institutes in the Member States of the European Union plus Norway. Partners extensively support national policies as well as water businesses. Within the country, EurAqua members are closely connected to other relevant institutions.

Today, EurAqua consists of 24 partner institutes from 23 countries. For more information on EurAqua and National contacts, please refer to "Contacts".

EurAqua´s vision and overall objectives

EurAqua is the leading European network for facilitating improved and coordinated water research, in support of knowledge-based water management and policy.

EurAqua aims to achieve this vision by carrying out the following four types of activities:

1. “Science Collaboration" - EurAqua takes action to further strengthen the collaboration and integration of research resources as well as to facilitate the efficient transfer of knowledge between scientific institutions and/or research teams.
2. “Science Policy Collaboration" - EurAqua takes action to collaborate and exchange research results with end-users, thus aiming to bridge the science-policy interface and the innovation gaps.
3. “Research needs identification and validation" - EurAqua actively and continuously works on identifying and validating research needs required to implement today's policy and future emerging challenges.
4. “Efficiency and strength of EurAqua" - EurAqua actively pursues information flow between its partners so as to increase its efficiency. EurAqua also liaises with other networks to collaborate whenever possible, further enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

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