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Scientific and Technical Reviews (STRs)

In the period 1994-2003 EurAqua published 10 Scientific and Technical Reviews (STRs). These used to be an annual event in EurAqua, that provided a forum for discussing specific freshwater research issues and defining joint priorities for European research. STRs addressed topics at the forefront of European freshwater research and defined a benchmark for expertise in the chosen area. Conclusions and recommendations were forwarded to decision-makers and stakeholders.

However, since 2004, it was decided that the STRs should be replaced by other activities within EurAqua. Past STRs are available for download below.

STR 1: "Land Use Change and Water Resources". Wallingford, UK. 1994. Recommendations.

STR 2: "Optimizing Freshwater Data Monitoring Networks including Links with Modelling". Paris. France. 1995. Summary.

STR 3: "Management and Prevention of Crisis Situations: Floods, Droughts and Institutional Aspects". Rome, Italy. 1996. Summary. Country papers (zip).

STR 4: "Let the Fish Speak: The Quality of Aquatic Ecosystems as an Indicator for Sustaianble Water Management". Koblenz, Germany. 1997. Summary and recommendations. Country papers (zip).

STR 5: "Farming Without Harming: The Impact of Agricultural Pollution on Water Systems". Oslo, Norway. 1998. Conclusions and recommendations. Country papers (zip).

STR 6: "Urban Water Management". Lisbon, Portugal. 1999. [No summary currently available for download] Country papers (zip).

STR 7: "Water Modelling as a tool in river basin management within the Framework Directive". Madrid, Spain. 2000. [No summary currently available for download] Country papers (zip).

STR 8: "Good Ecological status: Reference conditions for surface waters". Helsinki, Finland. 2001. Proceedings. Recommendations. Presentations. Posters. Papers (I). Papers (II). Papers (III).

STR 10: "Improving Freshwater Research for the Benefit of European Society Wallingford", U.K. in 2003. Papers (zip). Presentations (large zip-file).