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  • Message from the EurAqua Conference 2008 on Climate Change & WFD on Appropriate Instruments for Targeted research
    2008-11-26 The EurAqua conference "How can climate change be incorporated in river basin management plans under the WFD?", held in Oslo 23-24 October 2008, concluded the following statement:

    EurAqua strongly recommends that instruments for policy support are reintroduced in FP7 to address issues associated with policy development or implementation of European legislation, such as the Water Framework Directive.

  • Beyond Kyoto: Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change, Århus, Denmark,5-7 March 2009
    2008-11-26 The conference, Beyond Kyoto: Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change is arranged in Århus, Denmark on 5-7 March 2009. The multidisciplinary international conference is being held at the University of Aarhus, with a focus on a successor to the Kyoto Protocol.

  • Policy and Technical Brief Series on IWRM from EC-project STRIVER
    2008-11-26 On 17 November, 2008, the EC-funded FP6-project STRIVER launched it Series of Policy and Technical Briefs. The intention is to communicate the results from the project in an easy non-technical fashion with a clear management and policy impact message. The two series summarize results from the project so far, and are aimed at an applied research audience, water managers, decision takers and policy makers. 11 Policy Briefs and 6 Technical Briefs are part in this first launch.

  • Conference: A different water cycle, 20-21 November 2008
    2008-11-17 The conference "Freshwater systems, resources and society - A different water cycle" is being arranged 20-21 November 2008 in Paris (Institut Océanographic) by Cemagref, Ue 2008.fr and PEER. The purpose of this symposium is to look at the relations between water and society in terms of sustainable development.

  • IWRM-net Regional Workshop for Collaborating on IWRM Research, Stocholm 18-19 Nov 2008
    2008-11-17 This Workhop has the goal of bringing together Northern Europe and the Baltic countries. The aim of the Stockholm workshop is to invite research managers and senior scientists and water managers to discuss the future research needs for the region and to investigate new partnerships for collaborative funding.